SkyBlue Disc Golf is a small video production team from Oulu, northern Finland. We want to showcase the sport of Disc Golf: display the mesmerizing beauty of the flight of the disc, display the heated battle for the win in a tournament, share the fun of playing with friends all around the country. We are always excited to bring you coverage from events, introduce new and upcoming players and show some of the finest courses in Finland.


Mika Ylisaukko-oja
Graphics, Camera, Edit, Commentary
Disc golf since 2009
Favorite disc: Westside Discs BT Soft Shield
Kimmo Mäenpää
Camera, Edit
Disc golf since 2007
Favorite disc: Latitude 64 Opto Pure
Teemu Tuovinen
Disc golf since 2014
Favorite disc: Discmania S-Line DDx
Mikko Kaikkonen
Specialist, Commentary
Disc golf since 2008
Favorite disc: Discraft Z Buzzz